Vegetable Pasta | Step by Step Recipe | Easy to Cook

This is my version of Vegetable Pasta. I cooked it as per my taste and preference. It took more just under 20 minutes. Ingredients Onions – 2 Tomatoes – 1 Red Chilli – 1 Orange Bell Pepper – 1 Pasta – 1 cup Olive Oil Salt to taste Caulifower – 1 cup Cheddar Cheese or…

Delicious Thin Crust Pizzas at Concassé The Little Pizzeria

Concassé The Little Pizzeria is a small and fairly new eatery in Kamanahalli, Bangalore (Bengaluru). Most of the customers who visit on a regular basis are the Arab students. They love the pizzas and burgers that are sold here. Many of them eat twice a day at this Pizzeria. 

Fencing Club in Bengaluru

Fencing is the art and science of sword fighting. It is the ability to deliver a sword hit in either a sport encounter or a duel against one’s opponent without being hit one’s self. It is a multi-layered activity that brings into play physics, psychology and philosophy. It requires development of technical proficiency, strategy and physical grace.