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Collaborations, Restaurant Experiences, Interviews

I’m open to collaborate with companies, brands and people for any promotional campaigns.

  1. For restaurant experiences, I’d be happy to come and shoot a LIVE facebook video at your eatery where I taste the food, tour the place, interact and interview with a representative be it the chef/owner/General Manager.
  2. I’d be happy to collaborate with food brands for product reviews, promotions or campaigns.***
  3. As far as interviews are concerned, you can share your story or of someone else’s for me to then interview before featuring on
  4. Collaboration opportunities from tourism boards, travel companies and experiential accommodations are welcome. I prefer travelling by myself, planning my own itinerary, using public transport, seeking local experiences, interacting with local people, understanding the culture et cetera.***

***I’d like to indicate that any marketing campaign or consultation will not be done for FREE of cost.

For more information, contact me via email –

I would like to indicate that I run a food startup in India and hence may not be able to respond to your emails quickly sometimes but I could respond faster on social platforms.

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