Loveable People I Met In Gujarat

Food & Love in DNA in People living in Gujarat Tell a person living in Gujarat that you love the local food and you will be loved truly and taken care of really well. Well, that is my experience with people living in Gujarat, whether they were born in the same state or moved from a…

Mohiniyattam is Swarna Sahasra’s World

Swarna Sahasra is a Mohiniyattam Dancer with close to 2 decades of experience and exposure. Swarna runs a dance school in Chennai besides being a freelancer who teaches at three other branches of hers in the city. Here is a candid interview with Swarna Sahasra. When did you start learning dance? I started learning at the age of 4.5 years….

Music runs in Ramana’s blood

Interview with Ramana, a Chennai based Percussionist Ramana hails from a Carnatic background and has performed over 4000 concerts across the world. Ramana is also a music teacher, a music blogger and a critique besides working as a Sales and Marketing professional for a Tech Startup in Chennai. 1. When did you start practising to become…

The 20 minute phone call that changed Rao’s life

Once upon a time, there was a man named Rao who worked in a prestigious hotel in Chennai, India. He was an extremely successful, honest and hardworking man. Rao who worked in a Hotel, spent most of the day at the workplace, and also in commuting. He lived with his wife, daughter and son. While…

Conversations with Maalavika Sundar

The Journey – Carnatic To Playback Singing. Maalavika Sundar speaks briefly about the difficulty in singing film music, the comfort in singing certain songs inside a studio in comparison to singing on “kuthu song” on a stage with hundreds and thousands of people around, and her sister being her biggest critic.

A Singing Juggernaut: Nikhita Gandhi

This Bengali born talent will surprise you with her answer! A busy practicing dentist and playback singer, she is creative and confident in her own space.

Salute To The Mothers

A programme was arranged by Mr Murali, the founder & owner of Sri Krishna Sweets to felicitate extraordinary mothers who nurtured children and transformed them into international celebrities.