Fencing Club in Bengaluru

Fencing is the art and science of sword fighting. It is the ability to deliver a sword hit in either a sport encounter or a duel against one’s opponent without being hit one’s self. It is a multi-layered activity that brings into play physics, psychology and philosophy. It requires development of technical proficiency, strategy and physical grace.

How I lost 16 Kgs in 16 weeks

My goals for 2017 was “improving fitness & health, losing weight and increasing endurance in a slow & steady pace. Losing 1Kg a week was the target. See how I did it.

Bengaluru to Kolar Cycle Ride

I went on a 98 kms cycle ride today and it was truly an awesome experience. This is my second long ride and was after 4 years. But, there are more to come soon because my interest, intent and fitness has improved and is the best till date in my life.