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My friend and I had a couple of meetings this morning. My friend wanted to have lunch somewhere. Since my next meeting was at Adyar and had to choose a restaurant near my meeting point, we chose to eat at “That Madras Place”. And, the last couple of times we visited “that madras Place”, was for business meetings and never really had the opportunity to eat/drink anything.

That Madras Place | Chennai Restaurant Adyar | PritishSocial | Food Blog

Thanks to my friends Nikita and Veejay for introducing me to this place. So, for those who do not know much about this 6 month young Bristo, please visit before you actually visit to eat.

The second time I visited this place, I met Rakesh Prakash, the photographer. It was quite surprising to meet someone who is a Photographer and also happens to run this restaurant. Towards the end of our 1 hour’s meeting, he told me that he was a photographer. When I asked him “under which brand does he photograph”, he replied “Rakesh Prakash Photography”. So, I like a proper Movie buff said “Omg do not tell me you are that famous Rakesh Prakash, the Candid Wedding Photographer”.. (Just like the movie “Social Network” – where a girl sleeps with the Founder of Napster, Justin Timberlake’s character, said “Omg did I just sleep with the Founder of Napster).. And Rakesh blushed immediately and said “yeah, that is me”.. such a small world..

So, coming back to my little review about “That Madras Place”… My friend and I ordered Lasagne (Type of “Pasta” for those who don’t know.. Well some argue that it is Italian and some still argue it originates from Greece) for Main Course and “Dynamites” for Appetizer. Not knowing how it would look, we ordered it. We ordered it and within 10 minutes, we had these “Dynamites” on our table. The moment I saw it, it reminded me of “Chilli Cheese bites” which I used to gobble while working for Burger King a few years ago. I took the fork and knife and split the “Dynamites” into two. Came out the gooey and tasty cheese which hit my brain and I was blown. It was one hell of an amazing appetizer. It just brought back memories of those Chilli Cheese Bites which I miss a lot.

A few minutes later, Rakesh Prakash himself served us the Lasagne. It looked lovely and the presentation was topnotch. And, the chef ensured the Basil (herb) which we requested to add, was there too. The food was hot, the sauce was tasty, the lasagne hmmm was scrumptious. It was cooked to perfection. The quantity was good and filling.

We were disappointed not having a dessert as we could not eat more. However, there is always next time to have a dessert and trying out other dishes which I hear from my friends, are good too. Once you enter this Bristo, you will find a very nice looking wall which is very creative. It is a nice place to have a business meeting, reunion, et cetera while you enjoy a nice meal. The place get can get quite loud but hey we can have all the luxuries or be choosy while eating good food.

Special Mentions to Mathangi who also runs this restaurant. She has definitely used her culinary experience and travel stories to start “That Madras Place”. Great to know Chennai a.k.a Madras boasts of having such a wonderful place. Happy Dining!

That Madras Place Restaurant | Food Menu

That Madras Place Chennai Restaurant Menu 1That Madras Place Chennai Restaurant Menu 2That Madras Place Chennai Restaurant Menu 3That Madras Place Chennai Restaurant Menu 4That Madras Place Chennai Restaurant Menu 5That Madras Place Chennai Restaurant Menu 6

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