Restaurant Review | Warehouse Cafe | Connaught Place, New Delhi

The Warehouse Cafe is in the heart of the city. You will find great food, beautiful  ambience, upbeat music, nice bakery, and good hookahs.

Warehouse Cafe New Delhi

My friend and I visited the Warehouse recently for having our Lunch. I spotted this place as soon as we came out of the Metro Station. We took the elevator which directly took us to the Warehouse Cafe. the minute the doors opened, we saw a Bar counter and a couple of Bar Tenders standing by. The entire cafe looked beautiful and cozy. Within a minute of entering, we sat at a corner table. Since I had to catch a train in 90 mins, we requested Vijay, the staff person to serve our orders ASAP. In fact, Vijay was very helpful that he even patiently explained to us about the orders we had placed. He then within 5 minutes, brought us our mocktails and the Salads which we ordered. We were extremely impressed with the service.
The Salads we ordered were very tasty and delicious. The veggies that were in it were fresh. The Lettuce was crispy too. I loved the feta cheese which came in it. My friend too loved her Salad and mocktail. We both were enjoying the music. The ambiance was fantastic too. More than her, I was more happy to see such a place in India.

Before we finished our Salads, we ordered for our Desserts so I could leave the Cafe early to catch my train. I personally found the Salad filling and may not have gone for the Main course. By the time I finished my Salad, the Desserts came to our table. So, I ate my salad quickly, drank my Mocktail and had the Hot Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream which was topnotch. I again requested Vijay to give me the Bill before I finish my dessert. And, he again handed over the Bill immediately. I waited for my friend to finish her dessert while I pay my bill and be ready. Within a couple of minutes, she was ready and we left the Cafe to catch the Train.

Service: 5/5
Food: 4.8/5
Place: 4.5/5
Price: 3/5 – Rs 2000/- for our bill (2 Mocktails, 2 Salads and 2 Desserts)

Date of Visit – November 2013

Menu at the Warehouse Cafe, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 1Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 2Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 3Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 4Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 5Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 6Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 7Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 8Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 9Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 10Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 11Warehouse Cafe Menu Connaught Place 12

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  1. I’ll definitely try this one. Thanks for the info. Was helpful. Please visit if you like follow share and comment


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