Fantastic Customer Experience and Delicious Food | Kalmane Koffees

On my recent visit to Kalmane Koffees in Forum Mall, Bangalore, I experienced very good customer service, drank delicious filter coffee, and ate tasty cocktail samosas.

The Customer Experience

I entered the outlet and went straight to the counter. The staff at the counter asked me what I would like to order. Before I placed my order, I asked the staff was if I could use my Kalmane Koffees loyalty program membership to avail the discount on my order. That surprised him immediately and he panicked. After noticing that, I asked him to be patient. He then contacted someone on the phone to find out what he must do. I noticed that too so then asked him if I must wait. He said ‘Sir, please sit down, I will call you shortly’.  I went and sat down and waited until he called me. After 10 mins he called me to come to the counter. When I went there, he asked me for my membership number and order too. After giving him my membership number and order, he said that the discount is 9% on the bill and that I must pay Rs 100/-

Kalmane Koffees Loyalty Program | itsmyloyalty app | PritishSocial
Restaurant Pager/Beeper helps to increase customer service

How the Kalmane Koffees Loyalty Program Membership work?

Kalmane Koffees Itsmyloyalty Loyalty Program

Once the customer gives the loyalty code to the staff at the outlet, the staff then inputs the same into a designated place on a web page so the system could generate the discount to be given on the bill. The discount could be anything between 5% and 15% for the customer.

The staff at the outlet perhaps forgot this process and hence bought time. Since I too wanted the discount on the bill, I chose to wait till he sorted it out.

In the future, if staffs remember this process and perform their actions accordingly, then the transaction could be more swift and quicker.

Restaurant Service Pagers

Upon ordering I was given a restaurant pager/beeper that would beep the moment my coffee and samosa is ready for me to go and pick it up because of self-service. It took about 6-8 minutes for my order to be ready so I was reading a book while listening to music on my mobile. Since beepers are given to customers, it was helpful to notice the light flashing on my beeper once my order was ready.

Food and Beverage | Kalmane Koffees

I love the Filter coffees and Cheese balls at Kalmane Koffees. But for the first time I ate cocktail samosas and they were heavenly. The samosas were small and cute, and piping hot. The masala inside the pastry was delicious and was less spicy too. The pastry was a just a bit crispy and I loved the texture too. In the last one week, I visited many branches of Kalmane Koffees in Chennai and Bangalore and every time I have had an amazing experience. The quality of their filter coffees and the food is topnotch.

Kalmane Koffees | Filter Coffee and Cocktail Samosa | Food Photo Blogger | PritishSocial


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