Fencing Club in Bengaluru

Fencing is the art and science of sword fighting. It is the ability to deliver a sword hit in either a sport encounter or a duel against one’s opponent without being hit one’s self. It is a multi-layered activity that brings into play physics, psychology and philosophy. It requires development of technical proficiency, strategy and physical grace.

Evolution of Fencing

A dash through the history and development of fencing, from ancient Egypt to the hi-tech sport of today.

The Physics and Speed of Fencing

Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan not only understands what’s happening in those seconds, but also excels at scoring winning hits. Fencing isn’t about force. Rather, the ability to choose the right position and distance is the key. The faster fencer will ‘step-lunge’, which offers more chances to land a hit first. The speed of this move made by professional athletes can be compared to the acceleration of a race car.

What if we put Kharlan next to Alexander Grinchuk’s 600hp #RedBull350z, which accelerates up to 100km in four seconds, on the starting line? You’d be surprised to see who’s faster.


Benefits of Fencing

  1. Tone your muscles, gain powerful thighs and a firm backside.
  2. An hour’s bout of fencing will burn off more than 400 calories
  3. It will improve your mental agility
  4. It’s good for practising polite manners
  5. Stress Reduction
  6. Increases Flexibility
  7. Emphasizes agility, alertness, and endurance


Ideally, fencing can be like painting a picture. Each opponent you meet is a new canvas upon which to create a work of art. Every fencer has his or her differences, each necessitating altering your game to take into your account these variations. This means you fence a little differently against every individual you meet on the fencing trip. To be able to accomplish this on a regular basis is one of fencing’s biggest challenges and most satisfying pursuits. If you take the time to understand the whys and wherefores of fencing, you will become the sort of fencer that values the latter. — Nick Evangelista and Anita Evangelista

My Story

Fencing 🤺- I developed an interest for this sport in 2011 after going for a fencing session in London. Then, I did not join classes because it was phenomenally expensive so I had to put it away. But, after returning to India, in 2016 I joined a fencing club in Bengaluru after watching the movie Fencer which reminded me of the sport and my interest.

First Fencing Session in London | PritishSocialFirst Fencing Session London | PritishSocial

I googled for Fencing classes in Bengaluru and connected with Lohith, a fencer who represented India in the Junior Commonwealth Games. He is also my coach now. His sister Bindu, has also represented India for the World Championships. She too coaches me whenever Lohith is not available.

I have been playing fencing since 2016. It’s an amazing sport. For now, it is an interest for fencing. If I continue to take it seriously, I could play competitive fencing and may represent the state or country one day.

I have made a few friends there. Now, we want to promote fencing across India. We are soon going to create more fencing centres in Bengaluru and slowly move to other cities in the country. We can also offer corporate training or trail sessions for a fee before you want to get into serious fencing like many of us did.

Contact me on +91 90089 25757 or iampritish@me.com if you want to join fencing classes in Bengaluru, or looking to collaborate with us or happy to sponsor us for events and competitions that we will be organising soon.

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Photos and Videos from our Fencing Class

Woman Fencer | Bangalore Fencing Club | PritishSocial | Fitness Blogger


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