Stoned Monkey Ice-Cream Bangalore

Visited an ice-cream parlour called Stoned Monkey in Koramangala in Bengaluru. The experience was yummy.

Ice-Cream Parlour in Koramangala, Bengaluru

Ice-Cream Parlour Koramangala | Bangalore Food Blogger | PritishSocial

Lavalicious Ice-cream | Stoned Monkey 


Chocolate Ice-cream with Chocolate lava cake, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Stick.

Stoned Monkey Ice-Cream Parlour Koramangala Video | Bangalore Food Blogger | PritishSocial

Ice-Cream Making Video

In love with the Stoned Monkey Logo and the name

Stoned Monkey Ice-Cream | Bangalore Food Blogger | PritishSocial

Awesome staff at Stoned Monkey in Koramangala

  1. They gave me a lot of tissues when asked
  2. They gave me FREE water bottle
  3. They were smiling during my entire visit
  4. They asked me how the ice-cream was
  5. They suggested me a new ice-cream but I did not choose it

Stoned Monkey Ice-Cream Koramangala Restaurant | Bangalore Food Blogger | PritishSocial


Since there was a chocolate lava cake placed on top of the chocolate ice-cream which was on top of a wafer inside the cup, the ice-cream itself started to melt and run through different sides. The moment I saw it was being wasted, I asked for tissues. It is a great idea to have a lava cake and a lot of ice-cream but one must not experience wastage or dripping. The Stoned Monkey must come up with a solution for this.

Stoned Monkey Lavalicious Ice-Cream | Bangalore Food Blogger | PritishSocial

If you are in Koramangala in Bangalore or if you find any Stoned Monkey ice-cream parlour in your location across Bengaluru, do visit it and enjoy.

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