How I lost 16 Kgs in 16 weeks

My goals for 2017 was “improving fitness & health, losing weight and increasing endurance in a slow & steady pace. Losing 1Kg a week was the target. See how I did it.

Fat to Fit – Daily Exercise

  1. Running 5 Kms on the treadmill
  2. Cycling up to 30 kms a day and occasionally doing long distances on the weekends. On my recent long distance ride, I covered 98 Kms.
  3. Basic Stretching before and after a cycle ride.
  4. Basic Stretching before and after a run on the treadmill.
  5. Crunches
  6. Abs Exercises

Abs Exercises | Infographic | PritishSocial

Source – Indulgy

The following swiss-ball dumbbells squat exercise is one of my favourites.

Gym Training Exercise | PritishSocial | BangaloreGym Training Weights Exercise | PritishSocial | Bangalore

Gym Training | PritishSocial | Bangalore
Indicating to my trainer this is how you got to do a Swissball and Dumbells Squat

Photo Courtesy: Karan, my gym trainer.

How to Do Swiss-Ball Wall Dumbbells Squats

Hold a Swiss-ball behind you and stand with dumbbells on both hands so that the ball is pinned between your back and the wall.

  1. Place your feet about 2 feet in front of your body.
  2. Keeping your back in contact with the ball, lower your body until your upper thighs are at least parallel to the floor. Lift your arms straight out in front of your chest gently in an up and down motion.


  • Don’t round your lower back.
  • Keep your dumbbells close to the body.
  • Do 12-15 Reps (3 sets).
  • Start with a 5 Kgs dumbbells and gradually increase the weight once you are comfortable.


  1. Can help improve your core strength, balance and flexibility.
  2. Toning your midsection.

Eating Healthy Food

When you are on an exercise regime, it is good to eat healthy. For 16 weeks, I ate a lot of fruits for my breakfasts, drank plenty of water, avoided eating out, cooked my own meals and cut down on sugar. I started drinking black coffee and even acquiring an interest for it.

Daily Breakfast by PritishSocial | Healthy Food

I started including Epigamia Greek Yoghurt for breakfast as it contains a lot of proteins.

View more photos and recipes of my daily breakfasts.

Honestly, I chose a slow and steady exercise pattern so I do not stress a lot and at the same time enjoy what I am doing. I am neither in a race or competition with anyone nor need to prove to anyone. I enjoy my pace and helps me have a fantastic work/life balance. I continue to sleep 6-7 hours every night.

Having a strong mind matters

If not for my own self-determination, I would not have continued progressing and enjoying my fitness regime. I have found it extremely hard in the past to completely switch off and start something new on the fitness front. So, I trained my mind really well before even starting my fitness regime. It was a conscious choice to improve my health too because I was epileptic and have been on medication for many years. Last year, I abruptly stopped my medication and told myself I am not going to continue medicines and will work towards improving my health and fitness. I have experienced certain side effects of having consumed those epileptic medicines hence I had one more reason to stop eating them.

Certain sacrifices I made

  1. Reducing alcohol intake gradually in 2016. In 2017, I have consumed only 4 litres in the last months and hope to not increase beyond 5 litres.
  2. Cutting down on sugar intake. —> Not easy as I have a sweet tooth.
  3. Eating out —> Not easy as I love tasting different food and was in to food blogging and restaurant reviewing.
  4. No late night parties and sleeping late
  5. Quit smoking

If you are willing to compromise and make sacrifices for your own progress, that is when you accomplish what you want. – PritishSocial 

7 Things I Strictly Followed

  1. Never ask my gym trainer for tips or personal training
  2. Never listen to anyone giving me advice on my eating habits if I did not ask
  3. Sleeping  6-7 hours every night
  4. Cooking my own food and experimenting —> gives a lot of happiness
  5. Resting one day in a week
  6. Drinking Green Tea after dinner
  7. Eating a banana or biscuit upon waking up in the morning


Cycling Quote | Fitness | Exercise | PritishSocial

I hope my blog influences you to start exercising and improve your fitness. Remember, only you know your body and mind better, so learn to understand that and experiment as much as possible so it helps you to improvise. Do whatever exercises you can but religiously follow it to see results.

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