Street Photography | K R Puram | Bangalore

On a Sunday afternoon, after my 98 kms cycle ride from Bengaluru to Kolar and back, I took a stroll in my neighbourhood. Here are some photos.

Sunday Afternoon | K R Puram | Bangalore City Photos | PritishSocial

Maruti 800 | Bangalore City | Street Photography | PritishSocial
It is a delight to see an old car. Maruti 800 is one of the finest cars. “And it is my desire that this motor car will serve the ordinary people of India and they will have no complaint about it. I hope it will contribute in every aspect of the nation building.” While delivering her speech to a packed auditorium at the launch of the Maruti 800, the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was speaking through tears. December 14, 1983 was clearly an emotional moment for Mrs Gandhi. Not only was it the birth anniversary of her son Sanjay Gandhi, but it also marked the fulfillment of his dream: the “people’s car”. It was a struggle, recalls R.C. Bhargava, the chairman of Maruti Suzuki India, especially since they had less than two years to look for an associate, get plant and machinery and develop the product. The toughest part was getting a suitable partner. After negotiations failed with Volkswagen and Diahatsu, Suzuki stepped into the picture, thanks to an article by India Today. A director of Suzuki Motors was travelling to India, when he read a story about Maruti looking for a partner. On October 2, 1982, Maruti and Suzuki signed the dotted line and “the mad rush began.”
Sunday Street Photography | Bangalore City | PritishSocial
A cute dog sleeping on the streets. It is summer. It is hot and the 4 legged animal rests.


Sunday Street Photography | Bangalore City Road Dog | PritishSocial
Poor dog sleeps in the midst of garbage on a barren land in the neighbourhood.
Street Photography | Flower Mala | PritishSocial
Just like many house owners in India, this one has too has hung a used flower garland on a tree after using it.
Dog Sleeping | Street Photography | Bangalore City | PritishSocial
This poor doggy is sleeping peacefully on a Sunday afternoon on the street outside my house. He wags his tail every time he sees me.

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  1. tinahomeblog says:

    Your blog is amazing. I love to look at all these pictures. The dog in the pictures above looks like my dog Tina. I hope he is happy. Now I will go and look at some more of your posts. Really interesting. Lara

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lara. You are a star.


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