Street Photography Walk in Mumbai

After meeting loveable people and eating tasty food in Gujarat, I arrived in Mumbai, the second most populous metropolitan area in India and ninth most populous agglomeration in the world. Mumbai, a busy and wealthy city, houses many billionaires and millionaires and on the contrary the poor too.

As suggested by my best friend, I took a stroll across a few important parts of the city recommended based on my tastes and preferences. My first stop was at CST Station and walk from there through Victoria Dock so I could witness old Victorian Architecture built during the British period.

A Pool Of Taxis | Mumbai | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
Taxi rides are fun and taxi drivers in my experience were professional and friendly 
Antiques | Mumbai | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
A store selling expensive and exquisite antiques and art
Boats | Mumbai Dock | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
Lots of ducks and boats – Right opposite the Taj Hotel and Gateway of India
Children from outside India | Eating Pizza on Street | PritishSocial
These kids from outside India were sitting next to me, chatting and eating pizzas. After a while, they asked me to take a photo of them together from their mobile 
Children Playing On The Streets | Mumbai | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
Children playing on the streets
City On Mumbai Island | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
Other side of Mumbai from Norman Point. From an island to a bustling city
Excited Street Dog in Mumbai | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
Excited street dog on the road waiting to be patted and played with
Humanity | Old and Young Men | Mumbai Street Photography | PritishSocial
Humanity exists for sure. Here, an old man’s hands are held by a young man who takes the former for an evening walk in Nariman Point
Humanity Exists | Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
I loved this moment – If you notice clearly, you’ll find the Monk watching the lady offer something to the poor man while a couple notices the scene. Humanity exists and it must. People must help and love one and other regardless of caste, creed, et cetera. We are all human beings, the same species, in this planet  
Hummer | Mumbai Street | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
It caught everyone’s attention on the road, thanks to the driver who was driving the vehicle slowly 
Taj Hotel Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
The Taj Hotel
Men at Work | Setting up Stage | Mumbai | PritishSocial
Men at Work setting up Stage in front of Gateway of India
Leopold Cafe Mumbai | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
After going through the entire food menu, I decided to eat the Mutton Keema Pav, supposedly a speciality dish at this famous eatery “Leopold Cafe”
Punjab to Mumbai Toilet | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
If you zoom in the picture, you will notice that a Punjab Association has funded for this public toilet. Surprisingly, the area around this toilet is spic and span because of hard working people cleaning round the clock.
Ganga Vihar Building | Mumbai Street | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Am guessing the prices of these properties are sky rocketing and possibly not for sale or rent any more. If it is for rent or sale, the owner must or tenant must have deep pockets
Vintage Car on Mumbai Street | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
I was happy to see a Vintage car on the streets of Mumbai. Every Metropolitan city in India must have a classic car and a owner
Signal | Mumbai Street | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
I liked the lamp post in a line. On two sides at this juncture, there was a red signal and on one side there was a green signal. This was shot around 4ish pm and it was quite for Mumbai standards
Taxi Stop Signal Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Look closely, on the left side of the frame, through the window you will find a couple romancing and not caring about people around them. In between the 2 cars, you will find people walking, few sitting and conversing and a taxi driver watching these scenes from his car while I shoot this moment from my taxi using my Canon DSLR Camera
Local Taxi Ride Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Like I told you in the previous photo, I was sitting inside a taxi and this is the one
Car Accident Mumbai Street | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
My uncle gave me his car and driver to commute in Mumbai. And during our journey, my driver got excited after noticing this car accident scene and indicating the same to me so I could take photos. Looks like both the car and bus driver were impatient and lacked common sense and driving sense
Love On Mumbai Streets | Travel Photography | Mumbai
It is impossible to find Nariman Point without a couple romancing. Day or night, you’ll find many of them romancing. Truly amazing and beautiful scenes
Mumbai Taxiwalas | Street Photography | PritishSocial
Local Taxi Station near the Gateway of India. Extremely professional!
Nature and Manmade Structures | Mumbai Street | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Nature and Manmade Structures | Hotel Trident facing the sea
Old Tree | Mumbai Street | Travel Photography | PritishSocial
If you zoom in, you will notice a woman trying to hug the tree, and a man sleeping on the floor
Roosevelt House | Mumbai | Travel Photography | PritishSocial.JPG
Guessing this bloke is directing this couple or conversing with them seriously. But what stood for me was this heritage building with the name “Roosevelt House” and being a Gift gallery selling expensive things 
Street Fruit Vendor | Mumbai Travel Photography | PritishSocial
 A street vendor selling fruits is no rare sight in Mumbai and across the World
Fisherman and Sunset | Mumbai | Travel Landscape Photography | PritishSocial
I waited patiently for the boat to come to the shore while the sun is setting. It was worth waiting and clicking
Gateway Of India | Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
One of the places to visit as a tourist – The Gateway of India, located on the waterfront in the Apollo Bunder area in South Mumbai and overlooks the Arabian Sea
Kit Kat | Hajji Ali | Mumbai | PritishSocial
Kit Kat Dessert at Hajji Ali
Haji Ali Dargah | Mumbai | PritishSocial
At Haji Ali Dargah. Thanks to my Ex University mate for accompanying me. In fact, she being a Mumbaikar herself, visited for the first time. So, she thanked me for being the reason to bring her
Selfie at Leopold Cafe | Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishsSocial

Lunch at Leopold Cafe | Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishsSocial
Mutton Keema Pav with a pint of Beer for Lunch at Leopold Cafe

Makeshift Mechanic Shed for Car Repairs | Mumbai Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Makeshift Mechanic Shed for Car Repairs
Bus Stop in Mumbai | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Bus Numbers at a Bus Stop in Mumbai
Mumbai Street Cobbler serving a customer | Travel Photo | PritishSocial
Mumbai Street Cobbler serving a customer

Real story – Outside Bombay Stock Exchange

I was walking on the street where the BSE was and suddenly I found a few photographers clicking. Only after a moment I realised they were clicking photos of me. It was the day the budget was announced. So, there were many journalists and photographers outside BSE. A couple of journalists approached me and asked details about me as they found my beanie interesting. I politely refused but they kept following me and requesting me to pose for them outside BSE. So, I did not want to show off and act weird so did pose but soon realised that there were so many photographers and continually clicking photos of me with the BSE in the background. One journalist screamed that my photos will be published in the newspaper the next day but I did not ask him which newspaper so I really do not know if it was published or not.

Outside Bombay Stock Exchange | Selfie | PritishSocial
Mandatory Selfie Outside Bombay Stock Exchange
Free Water to People | Mumbai Service | Travel Photo | PritishSociala
Free Water to People | Mumbai Service
Mannat | Shah Rukh Khan's House | PritishSocial
Mannat | Shah Rukh Khan’s (the king of bollywood) house

Hope you liked the photos. What was your favourite photo in this blog? Please let me know.


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