Food -My Word for “Bhuj”

Food is Life in Bhuj

If you are a “foodie”, eating in Bhuj in Gujarat, must be one of the biggest reasons for your visit besides the copious amount of culture, and the rich heritage that will mesmerise you.

Day 1 at Bhuj – Gujurati Thali Dinner and Sweets 

My friend and I started our road trip from Thane and travelled all the way to Bhuj with 4 stops, all being for food. Gujarat will definitely interest foodies and those who want to explore food and culture. The distance between Thane and Bhuj is about 840 kms and it takes more than half of the day to travel. We took 14 hours because we stopped by to eat different food and Chai. Chai across Gujarat is delectable because of the quality of milk and in the manner it is boiled. I personally have not tasted such tasty Chai in South India or wherever I have travelled to so far. I never had any expectations about the food and had an open mind before our trip. We reached Bhuj late evening and went straight to the place where we stayed. There, we asked people where to eat and what we must try to get a feel of the local food and culture. So, a couple of them suggested we visit Umiya Restaurant to eat a traditional Gujarati Thaali and then walk up to Govindji Madhavji Store to buy local sweets and desserts.

Umiya Restaurant in Bhuj – Unlimited Gujurati Thaali 

The food is something to die for. The service is Godly. Literally, every customer is treated like a King/God. Our experience was heavenly. The price of the unlimited thaali was only Rs 120/- per person.

Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocial

Khichidi is usually eaten at the end and we strictly followed the same way.

Khichidi | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocial

Lassi (Chaas), Thepla, Bajra Roti, Moong Halwa, 3- Kathiyawadi Sabji with Daal, Kadhi, Sev Tamatar, Baingan Bartha, Potato Bhaji and Salad

Gujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocialSubjis Gujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocialGujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocialRotis & Subjis Gujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocial

Chips is served too. Gosh, just when you want something crispy, this is there.

Chips | Gujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocial

If you want to eat a little more spice, green chillis are available too. Green Chillis in Bhuj is usually friend before being served.

Green Chillis Tomato | Gujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocial

Happy customers! We literally were crawling after our scrumptious dinner. Well, am definitely exaggerating a bit because our stomach was full after this delicious thaali.

Happy Customer | Gujurati Thali | Umiya Restaurant | Bhuj | PritishSocial

Kutchi Cuisine, a type of cuisine is the speciality in Bhuj and garlic is extensively used in Kutchi food. There are many eateries in Bhuj and nearly 80% of them are vegetarian. If you are a non-vegetarian, I suggest you to avoid eating meat and enjoy the local vegetarian food.

Govindji Madhavji in Bhuj – Sweet Store

As advised, we went to this sweet store right across our place of stay. We wanted to eat Shrikhand and to our surprise, we found many flavours available at the store. So, we picked up 2 flavours of Shrikhand. Then, all the staffs were quite happy to see my hat which I was wearing throughout my holiday, so they started building conversations around that and we too started asking them questions about their store and sweets. Immediately, they went out of their way and gave us a few sweets to taste. Here are some below.

Methi Ladu | Govindji Madhavji Sweet Shop Bhuj | PritishSocial

Sp. Adadiya was a sweet I instantly loved because of the surprise element it gave. The moment it went inside my mouth it tasted sweet but as I swallowed, at the back of the tongue it tasted spicy. It was truly magnificent. Adadiya is supposedly a famous Gujarati Winter special sweet. Adadiya is traditional Katchi and Kathiyawadi sweet. There are many ingredients in Adadiya which helps to keep body warm during winter. I found a recipe too in case you want to prepare it at home.

Sp Adadiya | Govindji Madhavji Sweet Shop Bhuj | PritishSocial

Day 2: Eating Street Food in Bhuj – A Must Thing To Do If You Are A Tourist

We were advised by some residents to eat Fafda and Jelabi for breakfast and that too on the streets if we wanted to get a local flavour. So around 7ish am, we ventured out to eat breakfast from a street vendor. We saw one vendor cooking fresh Fafdas. We immediately stopped by to eat Fafdas that were served with Kacha papya no sambharo and chutneys. We also got fresh Jalebis that were prepared a few hours ago. It was truly an experience to eat local food on the streets with a busy vegetable market around, similar street vendors in the area shouting and selling, a busy bus stand and early commuters and office goers. And, we also witnessed many cows standing and sitting on the roads. Haha, an experience every traveller must have.

Fafda Jelebi | Bhuj Street Food | PritishSocial

You can make Fafda at home too as it is easy to prepare. I found a recipe too incase you want to cook it at home.


Fresh Green Chillis being fried to be served with the breakfast


Our Breakfast costed only Rs 70/-. It was so tasty that we ate again the next morning. The owner was quite happy to converse with us and tell us his stories. He also indicated that his business is open only between 4am and 9am daily. After 9am, like many street vendors and temporary vegetable vendors must close and go home as the streets are open for daily commuters. He said “am happy with whatever little I make everyday, and I usually sell most or all what I cook”. That was quite inspiring to us.


As we walked past that main street, we reached Salman’s Chai at the juncture where all vegetable and fruits vendors were busy selling. We noticed this busy chai shop and decided to walk in and have a hot chai worth Rs 10/- each. The Chai was heavenly because of the milk and the way it was prepared. It was so nice that we ended up drinking again the next day post our breakfast.


Salman Chai | Bhuj | PritishSocial

After our breakfast and Chai, we decided to go for a walk to shoot pictures of the city. While I was busy clicking photos, my friend bumped into a small eatery selling hot pooris and he could not avoid so ended up eating 13 pooris each costing Rs 1/- that was served with a subji. He said it was phenomenal. I refrained from eating as am not a big fan of Poori plus was scared I would get a stomach upset eating it and that it was way too early for me to eat my breakfast.


Eating Tips in Bhuj

If you love street food, Bhuj is definitely one of those places to eat in. You have plenty of options to choose from including Pani Poori, Dhokla, Aloo Tikki, Chaat, Dhaniya Pakora, Pudina Pakora, Dal Pakora, Tomato Pakora, Okra Pakora, Aloo Pakora and Lahsuni Pakora.

So, if you are visiting Bhuj, please create time to eat the local food. It will definitely be a gastronomical journey you will cherish all your life. In case you are sensitive to spicy food or tend to get a stomach upset easily, do carry a medicine. I carried a few medicines for my holiday so to continue having a joyful travel.

Here are photos of food in Bhuj from People on the Internet 




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