10 Medical Essentials for a Road Trip

10 Medical Essentials For Your Road Trip | PritishSocial

Travelling is fun and can be adventurous especially if you are going on a road trip. To avoid getting ill and spoiling your holiday, it is good to always carry medicines.

Recently, I went on a road trip from Mumbai for 6 days and travelled across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Since my friend and I decided to stay in the car and less expensive lodges and was going to taste local food and experience different weather conditions, we planned to take a few medical essentials for the ride.

Medical Essentials | Road Trip | Travelling

1. Crocin Pain Relief Tablets – Ideal to provide symptomatic relief from mild to moderate pain e.g from headache, migraine, toothache and musculoskeletal pain.

Crocin Pain Relief Tablets | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

2. Crocin Tablets (Paracetamol) – Ideal to provide relief from fever, head ache and tooth ache

Crocin Tablets | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

3. Dettol Antiseptic Liquid – Ideal to use with cotton on injuries to stop blood oozing out. Also, you can pour a little bit on to a bucket of bathing water to kill the germs

Dettol | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

4. Ear Buds – Ideal for removing dirt from ears. It does come in handy especially to clean the camera lenses or glass items too

Ear Buds | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

5. Hand Sanitizer – Ideal for killing microorganisms and viruses

Hand Sanitizer | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

6. Flagyl 400 Tablet – Ideal for Loose Motion

Flagyl 400 | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

PC: Modafinil

7. Electral – Ideal for regaining strength if you are weak after fever or loose motion

Electral | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

8. Samahan – Ideal to mix with water or tea or any hot beverage. Provides instant relief if you have cold, fever or head ache.

Samahan | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

PC: Samahan

9. Cotton – Comes in handy to use with dettol if you are bleeding post an injury. Also, it can be used to protect your ears from cold weather.

Cotton Roll | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial

10. Halls – Ideal to clear sore throat

Halls | Medical Essentials | PritishSocial


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