Conversations with Maalavika Sundar

The Journey – Carnatic To Playback Singing

During an interview with PritishSocial, Maalavika Sundar talks about her musical journey and how she has evolved as a main stream singer over the years. She speaks briefly about the difficulty in singing film music, the comfort in singing certain songs inside a studio in comparison to singing a “kuthu song” on a stage with hundreds and thousands of people around, and her sister who is her biggest critic.


Though Maalavika has been singing Carnatic most of her life, she now learns Western Classical from Augustine Paul, the Music Director of the 118-year-old Madras Musical Association Choir and a Music Teacher, to spread her musical horizons.


It was a delight to interview Maalavika Sundar, a very talented singer but most importantly someone who is full of fun, energy and positivity.

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The Different Facets of Maalavika Sundar

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