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Another photo. Please see the previous post too. I liked the motorbike that was on display at the entrance. . #foodie #PritishSocial #fLog #instamoment #hyderabaddiaries #hyderabad #dinner #eatery #photooftheday
Nice place for dinner. I personally liked the ambience, the lighting, the food, and the service. The moment we arrived at the restaurant, I indicated to the staffs that we have only 20 minutes and that I must finish dining and leave as I had another commitment. The staffs were very friendly, and they did a fantastic job by maintaining the pace of service. I had a wonderful experience. I would recommend anyone to visit Headquarters. . #foodie #PritishSocial #fLog #instamoment #hyderabaddiaries #hyderabad #dinner #eatery #photooftheday
At Goshala inside Mattapally Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. You must visit this beautiful temple. Ten years back, there were nearly 10 cows. Now, there are more than 103 cows, most of them donated by devotees. . . #travelvideo #video #instavideo #india #temple #cows #beautiful #cattle #PritishSocial #travelblogger #vlog #TLog #instastory #instamoment #cute #videoblog
"Nursing does not diminish the beauty of a woman's breasts; it enhances their charm by making them look lived in and happy." ~Robert A. Heinlein Mother I Love ART i love paris France Die Frauen Seite Family #art #paris #louvre #museum #artist #PritishSocial #french #instatravel #travelphoto #woman #mother #child #artwork #statue #photooftheday #instaphoto #france
#BMW fans and motorbike enthusiasts would love to see this. It’s completely functional and the owner of a camera shop in Secunderabad has kept this for display so customers can see it and strike a conversation with him. I too struck a conversation with him. One story lead to another. We then conversed about camera, photography, travelling, work, marketing, et cetera. . #india #bmwbike #vintagebike #classicbike #oldbike #blackbike #motorbike #motorcycle #twowheeler #bikesofinstagram #instabike #photooftheday #instastory #storyoftheday #storytelling #bmwmotorcycle #german #hyderabad #hyderabaddiaries #PritishSocial
Veshti (Dhoti) is very comfortable and light. As summer is approaching, it is the most recommended outfit for men. Oh I love wearing Silk Veshtis. Location: Ranganatha Temple, Thiruneermalai. While the Sthalathipadi (presiding deity) is Neervana Perumal, all celebrations are for Lord Ranganatha. This temple is one among the 108 Divyadesas of Perumal. Lord appears in four forms representing three incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Lord Narasimha blesses here as Lord Bala Narasimha. #PritishSocial #travelphotography #veshti #tambrahm #iyengar #chennai #temple #travelblogger #travelling #traveller #india #hindu #hinduism #108divyadesams #placestovisit #chennaidiaries #blogger

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The Talented Bengali Singer Who Made It Big In Kollywood

Ask Nikhita Gandhi an unassuming question “what do you do?” This Bengali born talent will surprise you with her answer! A busy practicing dentist and playback singer, she is creative and confident in her own space. Astute by nature, she has dabbled in different areas of music – Playback Singing, composing a bengali Album titled Kotha and most recently managing a band of her own. This young musician has been busy composing a very unique piece of symphony, in sound and experience for both herself and her audience alike.

Nikhita Gandhi Singing

Saarang , the annual music competition at IIT, Chennai was where it all began. Winning the solo singing category boosted her confidence and pushed her into pursuing more musical avenues. Shuttling between music classes in the evening and academic classes in dentistry at college was a defining caterpillar- butterfly experience in every way. Waking up at 6am to register for the Saarang event, carrying her guitar and singing to a pan India audience from different states and even countries was an uplifting experience for this gifted singer. Born and raised in Kolkata, Nikhita found Chennai to be a cultural paradox. She remembers the joyful moments of crooning different songs as a part of her ragging in college and the difficulties of acclimatising to a different language in a new city. Her parents, both dentists helped her shape a very pragmatic approach to making her career choice early on. Moving to Chennai for her BDS was a pivotal change in finding her balance not only academically but also musically.

Nikhita Gandhi Singer

A quintessential juncture we all arrive at is – what do you want to do in life?  Being an avid animal lover and above average science student, her first thought was to become a vet! Nikhita’s parents, both practicing dentists played a major role in her pursuing dentistry as a profession. Her personal interest in clinical medicine and enthusiasm in interacting with patients fuelled by a home environment embracing the same, made her decision seem easy to many. On the contrary, this defining decision was the hardest to arrive at personally. When we battle confusion and anxiety, she reminds us it’s important to seek support and opinion of encouraging family and friends to shape a personally fulfilling career.

Nikhita Gandhi Childhood

Nikhita enrolled for a music course at AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory while in Chennai. This opened up opportunities to network with fantastic musicians and learn from the best. Her first professional association with AR Rahman was during an indo-German exchange as a part of a choir on a 100 member indo-German orchestra.  She recounts that working with AR Rahman was cool and hardly an intimidating experience. He was a thorough professional, personally auditioned her for his Celtic project after hearing her video sent through Kavita, a choir director.Usha Uthup, a personal inspiration and a good family friend launched her semi classical Bengali album, the experience was a personally gratifying moment for her.Nikhita counts her blessings and believes that talent and opportunity makes one noticeable in this industry. There is never a sure shot formula to fame and appreciation, one has to be open to taking chances and building on success.

Today, she is known as the Ladio girl. Though she bagged her first tamil song “Modern Kalyanam” in the movie kalyana samayal saadam, it was her song in Shankar’s film “I” Ladio that made her a singing sensation. Though Tamil was still a challenging medium for Nikhita, she managed to record the first version in 2 hours, subsequently she followed it up with the Telugu and Hindi versions of the same song. Her musical versatility is evident in her ability to croon in different regional languages – tamil, Telugu, Kannada effortlessly. Her foray into the creative field started with dance classes. Odissi and Hindustani classical classes were a part of her growing years. Inspite of occasionally skipping practice hours, she nurtured a fondness and affinity for music throughout her schooling life. Her father was an aspiring singer but never got an opportunity to pursue the passion professionally, today, he is very proud of her ability to manage her singing and medical profession seamlessly.

Walking in the company of world renowned musicians and singers, ask Nikhita what was her fan moment? She mentions it was a rendezvous with Oprah Winfrey in Mumbai during one of her five city concerts! Having sung in different musical genres and dialects, this young and talented singer is most at home with jazz and semi classical numbers. If you don’t find her interacting with patients at her clinic, she will be busy recording songs or practicing, there is not a dull moment in her routine and she loves to juggle between her passions consistently. In a day and age where pursuing a single career can be a daunting effort, she has managed to master and enjoy appreciation and recognition in both her chosen stages. If you are looking at a recession proof career, take a leaf out of her book! Nikhita is inspiring because she coerces you to be all that you can be in plurality rather than singularity.

Ladio song sung by Nikhita Gandhi | Movie “I”

Nikhita Gandhi’s showreel

This is based on an interview with Nikhita Gandhi over a phone call with Pritish Soundararajan.

Edited by Suchithra Nair

6 comments on “A Singing Juggernaut: Nikhita Gandhi

  1. I love that she’s a dentist and a singer, because it just goes to show that just because you’re medically oriented it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. I’m a veterinarian, but I still enjoy dabbling in photography, writing, and all things bookish. She is super talented!
    Ali @ the bandar blog 

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pritish Soundararajan says:

      Hey Ali I’d love to see the photos you take. You got a specific account to display photos?? Really interesting blog you have. A couple of my friends who love reading and writing would love to read your blog daily. And Nikitha hardly sleeps because of her busy schedules. One of the best things about Nikitha is she being so down to earth despite her fame. Furthermore, since she’s from the east, she never got excited even when she met Director Shankar or other famous stars she worked with.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right now the only bit of photography that I show off is book photography on my blog (: I’m too novice to share any other type of photos! Sounds like Nihitha is pretty cool (:

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Pritish Soundararajan says:

        Sweet. Can’t wait to see your other photos.. I’d love to get back to photography soon, I did a course long back, was a candid wedding, portrait and fashion photographer. But one day, I want to have my own studio 😊. Do you live in Mumbai or Bangalore or elsewhere?


      3. How fun that you did a course!! And I live in the States, actually! California is the name of the state that I live in. 😊


      4. Pritish Soundararajan says:

        Many of my cousins live in Cal. I’d love to visit once.. Yeah, I was quite lucky to get a lot of work the moment I completed my course, repaid my fee and for other accessories too and in fact got a lot of clients through recommendations. Pure luck to be honest. Never expected in my wildest dreams to be honest.. Possibly was at the right time and right place.. Considering you’re in Cal, the lighting and tech around you would be very helpful for photography and building a brand reputation for yourself but competition would be big. Correct me if am wrong..


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