Dhobi Ghat in Chennai

Dhobi Ghat | Places To Visit In Chennai | India | Tourist Attraction

Dhobhi Ghat is an absolutely amazing place. Hotels and businesses across chennai give their linen to Dhobi ghat everyday for laundry. It is Quite surprising the kind of money these guys make every month. But, poor them, they have to work in the scorching heat, dirty their hands, use a soap or detergent to wash the linen. And, the chemicals that are used for washing could damage their skin too. They use Gloves but even that gets torn very quickly.

Places to visit in chennai
Places to visit in chennai
Things to do in chennai


A lot of hotels and businesses don’t realise these issues and exploit the dhobi ghat people in every possible way. Sad that even the media personnel and journalists write horrendous stuff about them.

The Dhobhi Ghat workers are all extremely friendly. They live in small rooms but some of them are very intellectual and tech savy that they asked me to email their pictures or add them on Facebook and post it on their wall.

Places to visit in chennai
Dhobi washing clothes

Kudos to them.

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