FLog | Cosmopolitan Club | Chennai

Eatery Experience at Cosmopolitan Club, Chennai

Cosmopolitan Club was founded in 1873. Since the only other club in those days was the Madras Club, which was a strictly European Club, the local elite wanted to have a club of their own. Thus was formed the Cosmopolitan Club. Located in Mount Road, our club is presently one of the popular clubs in the city.

We sat at the open lawn inside Cosmopolitan Club for dinner. The open lawn is available for Members to relax in the evenings, out in the open air. A minimum of 45 tables are laid out daily, and may be increased according to attendance of Members. The attached Tandoori & Chinese kitchens offer tasty cuisine, in addition to food available from both the Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian club kitchens. Parfait 3TM the Bistro, Bakery & Confectionery placed at one side of the lawn supplies a variety of sandwiches, starters, pizza, fresh juices, cakes, desserts, pastries, ice creams as well as bulk packing of ice cream & birthday cakes. Parfait also maintains a continental Kitchen, where Members are served with special menu like Shrimp Pasta, Mushroom & Cilantro Pasta etc

Tamil, Telugu & Hindi films are being screened every Sunday and cultural programmes, festival functions etc. are also celebrated here.

The lawn service starts at 6.30 pm and is open till 11.00 pm.

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