My First Date In Germany With A French Woman

In June 2014, I moved to Munich, Germany. In July, there was a technology start-up meet that was held at Starbucks. There, I met Claudine, a very nice French woman. Well, she left her blonde hair open, wore a white flared skirt and a printed top. She looked ravishing and hence did not want to lose the opportunity to befriend her. So, I asked her for her number and without any hesitance, she gave it to me.

I pretended to be like a gent so waited patiently for two days to message Claudine. After two days, I messaged Claudine on Whatsapp and she replied instantly. We then kept messaging for hours and hours. It seemed like we definitely struck the right chord. We discussed about a lot of things! She told me how much she liked the Indian food and culture while I told her about my love towards French food and wine, and art. I was quite impressed with her knowledge about India et al. 
Next day, I decided to phone her instead of messaging her. She worked during the day so I had to wait till evening to call her. I phoned her and we spoke for 2 hours. This time, our conversation became a bit more personal. While she told me about her affairs, I told her about mine. I obviously did not want to pretend this time by saying “I did not have a relationship before.” I was not too keen asking her details about those previous relationships. But, since Claudine has a few traits of a most women, who has wonderful probing skills and immense amount of curiosity, asked me many questions. Well, just like most men, I too answered all her questions, trying to be good. After two hours, I thought it would be a good idea to meet her again but alone this time. So, I asked her out. I thought she was going to say “No” and make me miserable. But, she said “Yes” and that brought a sigh of relief and smile on my face. 
The next day, I asked her if we could visit The Grill, a fine dining restaurant in Munich, after seeing their menu. I was keen to eat Chateaubriand, my favorite French dish. She was happy to visit The Grill so we decided to meet on the following Saturday for lunch. 
The Grill Restaurant Munich
A Fine Dining Restaurant
On Saturday, I came early in order to woo her and not plunder the first impression. She walked in ten minutes after I arrived. I saw her from a distance and she looked stunning. She was wearing a tribal print bodycon dress, glazed multi white heels, less make up and left her hair open again. We were at the restaurant for nearly two hours and not a moment I took my eyes off her. Since she is French, she had this strong accent while speaking in English. It definitely demanded a lot of attention and I was happy to give all that. We enjoyed the chateaubriand and sauvignon blanc wine we ordered. 



English Garten Munich
Park in Munich
After lunch, we went to a nearby park, thanks to the wonderful weather. We sat there and started chatting. Suddenly, she held my hand. Well, that was a great start and I felt nice. I knew it was going to lead to something. For a moment, we stopped talking and just kept seeing each other in the eye. It was utterly quiet and I felt my heart pumping really fast. I was nervous but pretended to be manly. Claudine came really close to me and our lips were really close to each other. Just when we were about to kiss each other, my brother woke me up from my sleep. The rest is history. 

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