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Omg this is so funny. Whoever made this video is a bloody Genuis. This is ultimate meme creativity. Mocking Saravana store owner 😂. Mixed well with @vodafoneindia ad. . . #vodafone #ad #advertisement #meme #saravanastores #memes #videoofday #tamil #tamizh #chennai #coimbatore #madurai #dindigul #ooty #kodaikanal #tamilnadu #madras #csk #chennaisuperkings #ipl
Another photo. Please see the previous post too. I liked the motorbike that was on display at the entrance. . #foodie #PritishSocial #fLog #instamoment #hyderabaddiaries #hyderabad #dinner #eatery #photooftheday
Nice place for dinner. I personally liked the ambience, the lighting, the food, and the service. The moment we arrived at the restaurant, I indicated to the staffs that we have only 20 minutes and that I must finish dining and leave as I had another commitment. The staffs were very friendly, and they did a fantastic job by maintaining the pace of service. I had a wonderful experience. I would recommend anyone to visit Headquarters. . #foodie #PritishSocial #fLog #instamoment #hyderabaddiaries #hyderabad #dinner #eatery #photooftheday
At Goshala inside Mattapally Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. You must visit this beautiful temple. Ten years back, there were nearly 10 cows. Now, there are more than 103 cows, most of them donated by devotees. . . #travelvideo #video #instavideo #india #temple #cows #beautiful #cattle #PritishSocial #travelblogger #vlog #TLog #instastory #instamoment #cute #videoblog
"Nursing does not diminish the beauty of a woman's breasts; it enhances their charm by making them look lived in and happy." ~Robert A. Heinlein Mother I Love ART i love paris France Die Frauen Seite Family #art #paris #louvre #museum #artist #PritishSocial #french #instatravel #travelphoto #woman #mother #child #artwork #statue #photooftheday #instaphoto #france
#BMW fans and motorbike enthusiasts would love to see this. It’s completely functional and the owner of a camera shop in Secunderabad has kept this for display so customers can see it and strike a conversation with him. I too struck a conversation with him. One story lead to another. We then conversed about camera, photography, travelling, work, marketing, et cetera. . #india #bmwbike #vintagebike #classicbike #oldbike #blackbike #motorbike #motorcycle #twowheeler #bikesofinstagram #instabike #photooftheday #instastory #storyoftheday #storytelling #bmwmotorcycle #german #hyderabad #hyderabaddiaries #PritishSocial

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Dune Eco-Village Beach Resort in Pondicherry | Weekend Stay

Recently, my friends and I visited Dune, an Eco Village Beach Resort, 17 kms before Pondicherry. The resort is run by a French couple. The resort has nearly 65 themed houses and spread over 35 acres of land. No two bungalows are alike, and each one is uniquely designed and created by various artists, designers and architects from all around the world. All the houses are fully equipped with solar water systems, low consumption bulbs and organic linen. Not all their accommodation has air conditioning for environmental reasons, however, most of the time, there is a refreshing sea breeze which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own private garden, lounge or terrace.


We arrived at the resort by 11:00am and went straight to the reception. We had booked for a Baywatch house that faces the sea. However on arrival, the manager indicated to us that the previous guests had still not vacated and may leave only by 3pm despite the check out being 12pm and the check in being at 11am. We did not want to make a fuss so instead asked the manager if there are any other rooms which are available. He indicated that there is a Bamboo house that is available but again that will be open for us by 1pm as the cleaning was going on. We still had two hours to go for our check in. In the meantime, the manager suggested we take a quick look at the Bamboo house and tour the resort before checking in. So, we walked to the Bamboo house which was 4 minutes from the reception. We saw the Bamboo house and it looked extremely spacious and nice. The toilet looked spacious too, had a nice shower and wash basin and many mirrors. There were three beds, one table, two chairs, mini fridge, wardrobe with a security locker, two table fans, one ceiling fan and low dim lights. It appeared very cozy and relaxing. There was a lounge area which had 3 sofas, two glass top tables and a ceiling fan. Even more interesting, there was a hammock outside the house too. 

The manager asked us if we would like to take a look at the other restaurants, swimming pool and the way to the beach. We said yes and continued walking to these places. On the way, we saw a tennis court and volleyball court too. We started liking the place and it was time for us to make a decision to opt between a Bamboo House and the Baywatch House which we initially booked for. After a long discussion, we decided to opt for the bamboo House. Since the cleaning was in progress, we paid the rent and then took the bicycles, a part of the resort which each guest gets, and rode to the restaurant that faces the restaurant. We had a couple of drinks and nibble before we checked in. 


At 1:30pm, we checked in to our rooms and relaxed for a while before venturing out. During the night, we used 2 table fans and the ceiling fan while sleeping as the room was getting hotter considering it is summer time. We had a good undisturbed sleep that night. The next morning, we used the swimming pool which was extremely clean and nice despite a couple of crows drinking water to quench their thirst. The water was a bit cold and soothing to beat the heat. We had breakfast and dinner the previous night at the main restaurant situated in the middle of the resort. 
Overall, we were extremely satisfied with Dune Resort and strongly recommend to people who want to unwind for a day or two along with their spouse/family. For those who want to spend their honeymoon or pamper yourselves, I suggest you to choose the Tower Suite, which is the only house on the top and has a Jacuzzi. It also face the sea and has a breathtaking view of the entire environment. We were told that it is a bit more expensive than other rooms but is definitely worth it.  


Minimum Rate Per Night – Rs 5500/-. 

Photos from Dune Eco-Village Resort in Pondicherry

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