A Visit To The Tiger Cave

Tiger Cave, a rock-cut Hindu temple 

My best mates and I went on a road trip recently. One of the places we stopped by was Tiger’s Cave. Though having born and bred in Chennai, I never visited this place before despite knowing it exists. From the name of this place, I was excited and was gearing up to see a cave and tigers. Surprisingly, even my friends did not know what was in store for all of us. We parked our car, purchased a ticket and gradually walked through the entrance.

Now, we were extremely excited. We were planning on how to take pictures with the tiger, how close should we stand near the Tiger, what should we do once we see the cat et al. Believe me, we saw a huge stone on the right as we entered. Now, we got even more excited. I was telling my friends “wow, we got a huge stone here, may be that is the cave, and there is a tiger or two in there.” I was even jumping and behaving like Aaron (the character) in the movie “Hangover”. As we were getting closer to the stone, we were waiting to go inside the cave.
When we reached the stone, the biggest shock came to us. There was no CAVE, there was no TIGER. The so called TIGER was a goddamn STONE. We literally fainted. Then, in no time, we started laughing like never before. We were literally ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). We started cursing each other for choosing to stop by by this place.
However, having stopped by, we wanted to do something. So, we ended up going to the sea and getting our legs dirty. At the end, we laughed a lot and that made us happy and set a start to our ongoing journey.
Tiger Cave Chennai
Tiger Cave

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  1. Yes it is a great structure though.


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