Salute To The Mothers

Salute to Mothers – A felicitation for few mothers – Sri Krishna Sweets

Last evening 15th July 2012, was one of the unforgettable and memorable evenings for many mothers, children and fathers. A programme was arranged by Mr Murali, the founder & owner of Sri Krishna Sweets to felicitate extraordinary mothers who nurtured children and transformed them into international celebrities.
The list is as follows:
A) Sri E Sarath Babu (Founder and CEO, Foodking catering services Private limited)
B) Sri Unni Krishnan (Carnatic musician)
C) Sri V Mohan (Chairman of KM matrimony private limited)
D) Sri S Raja (Pattimanra speaker)
E) Sri P Rajagopal and Sri P Suresh (partners of Sangeetha group of hotels)
F) Sri AR L. Sundaresan (Senior advocate)
G) Smt Valarmathi N (RISAT 1 ISRO)
H) Sri T N Manoharan (Chartered Accountant, Former President ICAI, Padmashree awardee)
I) Sri A Vaidheesh (VP-Govt affairs -Asia Pacific, Johnson and Johnson, USA
J) Sri V Ponraj (Scientific advisor – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam)
K) Sri A S Ramana Prasad (Honerable secretary and Trustee BVM Group of Institutions.
Other guests included Mrs Y G Parthasarathy (founder & chairman of PSBB school), Mrs Sudha Raghunathan (singer) and AVM Saravanan.
The programme kicked off with a Tamil speaker talking about the significance of the event, felicitation and the existence of mothers. Then, we witnessed one of the best speeches of the evening by Mr Rangarajan, a prominent speaker. He spoke about how mothers are extremely competent in managing a family. He indicated how mothers utilise the available resources when it comes to food. He quoted an example which went like this, “see how wonderful mothers are, if there is left out food for the day, they use the same food next day, improvise or tweak the recipe and create an entirely new dish.” With the same example, he also indicated how mothers are good at waste management. Mr Rangarajan also mentioned that women could become fantastic finance ministers for the country when they are dexterous in managing finances.
We then witnessed a video of few dignitaries speaking about their mothers too. Mr T N Seshan explained how his mother made him inculcate the habit of being on time wherever he goes and giving undue importance to manage time.
Then, Mr Unnikrishnan shared a few experiences. He mentioned that his mom used to always ask him if he had taken the key to the suitcase every time he went on a travel. At the spur of the moment, he used to get agitated but later pondered the same. He said that his mom would serve breakfast on time everyday. He talked about “how his father loved cricket and wanted him to be a cricketer while his mother loved singing. So, he chose singing over cricket and this made his mother win over his father.” Then, he finished off his speech after singing a song.
Mr Mohan’s speech was brilliant too. He talked about how his mother taught him to speak with grace and with a smiling face. He had a sister who got married in the same year as he did. His mother had treated her daughter in-law like her own daughter. When he learnt to sing, his mother had asked him to stop singing and he was extremely agitated and regretful for the same. But, his mother had advised him then that he would end up becoming a successful person for something else. Looking back at his success stories, Mr Mohan said that his achievements were purely because of his mom who moulded him to be who he is today.

Murali, Proprietor of Sri Krishna Sweets, Chennai

We then saw Raja talking about his mother who was a teacher at the school he studied and how it benefited him. In fact, she was studying SSLC while he was in his sixth grade. He said that his mother would answer all the questions from the book and he would do the same with his mother for himself. He jokingly said that his mother would become a student to him for a while and he would become a student to her at other times. He mentioned how mothers hide a lot of information from the husband for the children’s growth. He talked about how we at times due to busyness even forget that there is a mother at home. So, he politely requested every one in audience to spend time with their mother daily or whenever time permits. Mr Raja said that this was the first time had been on a dais to talk about mothers rather than debating about politics et cetera.

Then, Mr A M Rajagopal through a video indicated about how mothers go through death pain during labour. Death pain here is referred to as the excruciating pain which the mothers go through while giving birth to a child. The pain is quite similar to that what you experience before dying. He said that mothers smile with happiness despite the pain when the baby finally comes out of her womb.

Mr Sundaresan, a senior advocate, spoke about the experience he had with Mr Murali, who contacted him to bring his mother for this event and felicitate her for his achievements and successful bringing up. After a few weeks, Mr Sundaresan had agreed to come to this event only when he realised that it would be a great platform for his mom more than himself and that he could felicitate her for who he is today in life. He talked about his mother who was brilliant at hospitality management by making sure every time guests came home, they were served well with care and food. And more importantly, she treated every one at the same level and did not differentiate regardless of their race, background et cetera. He thanked his mother for taking care of him who went through a traumatising period in life when he had illnesses after illnesses right from jaundice to typhoid to malaria to a serious eye surgery too.

Mr Vaidheesh spoke about his mom’s leadership & management qualities and how he and his 9 siblings learnt the same and implemented in their respective lives which has created success. He shared an experience with us and went like this, “we once went trekking and at one point all of us were exhausted but my mother did not stop her journey, she instead took a stick and continued walking. And, I would like to say that my mother rocks. If not for her, I would not be where I am today. One brother heads IBM India and other siblings are successful in their own lives and I believe it is because of our mother who guided and taught us the difference between good and bad.”

Another set of dignitaries mentioned that their mothers had taught them how to respect everyone and self, integrity and discipline. Mr Manoharan mentioned that when he won the Padma Bhushan award, his mother had told that he had deserved to be born as someone else’s son but he instead said that he had won this prestigious award because he was born to her and was proud about the same.

Mr Ramana Prasad spoke about his mother who taught him about the importance of time. She had taught him that time could not be replaced once lost. And, he went on talk about the amount of time she had devoted to his and his siblings’ well being.

Once the dignitaries finished with their speeches, Mr Murali asked if anyone from the audience wanted to come on the dais and share their experience or talk about their mother. One gentleman walked up to the stage and made a mockery of himself by talking rubbish and wasting time despite Mr Murali literally pleading him to stop and audience purposely clapping to shy him away. But, the man kept gibbering making no sense. After one point, the organisers stopped him and asked him to leave.

The entire programme was however brilliant and was nice to see people share their experiences and talk about their mothers. All the due credits go to Mr Murali who has been organising such a programme for the last four years to felicitate mothers who have nurtured their children and transformed them into international celebrities despite hardships, limitations of resources et cetera.

Here are some of the pictures from the event.

I wish there are programmes to felicitate fathers too in the future. A family is incomplete without a father. In most families, the father is the bread winner. If not for a father, there could be no child. And, there is no mother without a father. We as children could learn a lot from our parents in order to be successful in our life. Am proud to have wonderful parents who have pampered me even while difficult periods in life, been of great moral support when I needed it the most, for being incorrigibly positive and believing in me, teaching me the values of life, importance of time, integrity, discipline and to have a good health, happy and enjoyable life.



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  1. Very well done Pritish! You have a fantastic sense of observation and ability to connect dots! Well captured. Keep it up


  2. Pritish says:

    Thank you very much. 😃


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