The man and his coconut business

My friends and I recently visited Pondicherry on a very hot day in a Maruti Omni. The vehicle was non air-conditioned and were returning on the same day. We stopped by at a coconut shop which was on ECR (east coast road). The coconut shop is definitely not very attractive and the shop itself is not big. It is big enough to accommodate the owner, a chair, a knife, few straws, and the coconuts.

When I asked him from where he gets the coconuts, he replied that one of his mates bring it from the nearby locality and supplies it to him once or twice a day depending upon the demand. The coconuts are priced at Rs 25/- each. We were at the shop for fifteen minutes. To my surprise, I found nearly fifteen coconuts being sold during that time. Even if a hundred coconuts are being sold daily, the owner manages to make a business of Rs 75,000/- a month. Finally, it is what you sell matters as there would be no necessity for an advertising board too as the product would speak for itself.

A visualisation – the owner reads books, watches movies, etc on an iPad, clicks pictures using a DSLR while selling coconuts.

Following are the pictures captured at the shop.

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