Khau gali (eat street)

During my recent visit to Ahmedabad, my friends and I visited the Khana galli (eat street). This is one of the most popular streets in Ahmedabad. This street filled with jewellery shops. Once these shops close down by about half seven in the evening, immediately, these chat or street vendors put up their stalls and start selling food. The food may not be hygienic but definitely tastes very delicious. One will find pizzas, pav bhajji, samosas, pani puri, etc. A few blocks away from this street, there are two shops which sell sweets and juices. There, rabadi and srikhand, traditional Gujarati sweets are sold. Both these sweets are made up of yoghurt, condensed milk, etc, and are generally eaten as desserts after lunch or dinner.


Indian Street Food
All the necessary utensils and paper plates stocked up




Indian Street Food
Pav (bread) being cooked

Here at Khau gali, there are plenty of chairs and tables in the centre and surrounding these are different vendors selling different food. A representative or two from each stall would approach you the moment you sit down on the table. At one moment, you will have different menus. So, it is best to go with an open mind to try many dishes rather than eating just a dish or two. And, the best way to try different dishes is by going in large groups so each of you can order a dish or two from each of these vendors. But, ensure you remember what you eat else you will be taken for a ride.


Indian Street Food
A view of the Khau Gali




Indian Street Food
A street vendor and his chef preparing snacks, favourites and sweets to sell 


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  1. JM says:

    I love street scenes like these. Wonderful pics.


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