The infinite delusions of victor pope

A Music Act at the Fringe Festival, Scotland

During my recent visit to Scotland, I went to a small music performance at a pub in edinburgh. The performance was part of the fringe festival, one of the biggest festivals in the UK. The room was small and around 15 people were there. The musician looked really funny as he was wearing something on his head and playing a guitar and singing.

The lyrics of the song was hilarious though his voice was not the greatest and the music was terrible. But, definitely it was a laugh. One of the songs i loved was ‘my dentist is a psycho’.The show got over in ten minutes, guess I entered the room very late. Before we all left, the artist was generous to give his cd for free. Some people just gave money and asked him to keep the cd as it would have costed him a lot to make it. But, I took the cd as I wanted to keep it as a souvenir. Following is the cover on the cd.

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