Argentinean Steak House In Amsterdam

This argentinian steak house in Amsterdam was really good. The food was exotic and worth every penny. The ambiance was subtle and romantic because of the dim lights, candle etc. Me and my mate were hungry and ordered a dish from sub menu. I was surprised to see no desserts on the menu though.

There are so many argentinean steak houses in Amsterdam but this looked very attractive. Moreover, not many restaurants open until 1pm but this was well open by mid day. We entered the restaurant and the server came to us and took our orders within 3 minutes. Initially, the restaurant looked like a bar but when I saw the menu, it was clear that we were at the right place.

The steak was really greasy and heavy. But, it was definitely a treat. It was like chateaubreand. Overall the food was awesome.

There are many Argentinian “restaurants” in Amsterdam quite simply because the steak & chips formula works the best in the big touristic centre Amsterdam is and gets most revenue. If you want to make a money with a small restaurant in Amsterdam without wanting to invest 100 000’s of €, you cover your place in goat skin and put a big sign above the door “Argentinian Restaurant.

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