Snowdonia Mountain Railway


A Tourist Attraction in Wales

Welcome to Snowdon Mountain Railway. Majestic Snowdon dominates the glorious, ancient landscape of North Wales. At 1085m it is a true mountain and a place of legend – said to be the burial place of the giant ogre Rhita, vanquished by King Arthur. Some believe that Arthur’s Knights still sleep beneath.

My friends and I visited Snowdonia in North Wales. We took the mountain train to have a glimpse of one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the world. It was a perfect day for travel and also to take a ride on the train.

Mountain Railway in Wales


An Engine Part of The Snowdonia Railway Train
Snowdonia Mountains, Wales
We went up the hill which is nearly 1400 metres above sea level
View from Snowdonia Mountain Railway, Wales
Since I am afraid of heights, I freaked out the moment we reached on top. The summit of Snowdon from the miner’s track

But, it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and we took a lot of photographs. There was a store and a cafe right at the top of the mountain for visitors. Some purchased souvenirs and some drank tea.

Photos taken in Wales – Snowdonia, Cardiff, Pembroke, Caerphilly

Photos taken in Wales – Part 2 


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