Visit to Camden town

Camden Town – A Place to visit in London

A few weeks earlier, my friend came down from cardiff on a Friday and choose to stay over the weekend and spend time with me. We went to Camden town, north London to watch the football match between manchester united and a minnow. But, unfortunately, we could not find a pub which would play that match. Disappointed, we then chose to eat food at the camden food market as we were starving. To our surprise, we found different cuisines and at affordable prices. We started off with the singapore cuisine, ate satai. Next, we ate Brazilian food. I could not understand the retailer’s English when asked about the name of the dish. She did not allow me to ask any questions and immediately asked me for the money.
Our next halt was at the Mexican stall. Since I have had a lot of Mexican food in the past, I chose not to taste this time. My friends ate some Mexican food though. One of my mates noticed an indian stall and turned really happy. He some indian food while I chose the japanese food from the next stall. Honestly, the japanese woman was definitely a great seller. She did not allow me to leave that empty handed from that place. Initially, she asked me to taste chicken which had bones and I do not fancy chicken with bones. Tasting chicken was free but her rice and other dishes caught my attention and did not resist me from purchasing. After eating the rice, I felt like it tasted so much like Thai and never Japanese. So, I would never recommend anyone to that stall.
Before leaving the food Market, we stopped at the french stall to have some really delicious chocolate crepe with grand marnier alcohol. It was absolutely amazing and worth every penny. The chocolate combined with the alcohol left us more intoxicated.

Following are the pictures taken at Camden town.


More photos taken in London – Canary Wharf, Oxford Street, HMS Belfast, Notting Hill

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  1. p51ngh says:

    Nice post and pictures macha.. reminds me of that fab day out..


  2. Pritish says:

    Thanks a lot for the comment/compliment. But, would appreciate you revealing your identity.


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