Brecon Mountain Railway

Firstly thanks to Eswar for having taken me and my friends to Brecon Mountain railway. He highly recommended we all went on this mountain rail. The ticket was priced at ten pounds. The last train was at 4pm and we all went literally in the last minute and am not exaggerating. Had we gone a minute past, we would have missed the train. The first thing which reminded me after seeing the train was the Ooty train in India though I have not travelled on it.

The following pictures will speak about the train and where it was made, how old it is, etc. There was one particular info which the driver told us was that the engine conks off every ten years.

The train journey was for an hour. It does stop for 15 minutes midway near a peninsula allowing us to capture pictures. Also, they have a built small restaurant and toilets for those who wish to use the same. After taking a lot of pictures, we then returned to the station.

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