My innings of 94 against Bridgend

Last Sunday, we (Lisvane CC) played against Bridgend CC at their home ground. The ground was fabulous. In my earlier post, I have mentioned about the same. So, now to boast about my innings and the team’s performance. Having lost the match on previous Sunday, Cappers, my team skipper was looking forward to win this match very eagerly. And, on the previous day, I failed to score many runs. Hence, wanted to prove myself and gain some confidence to score in the following matches of the season. Went in to bat with the mindset to stay there for the entire 40 overs, get as many runs and play a game without any sense of urgency.

During the first few overs, I was struggling to score as a Premier League bowler bowled really fast and most importantly stumps to stumps. So, there was no way I could have scored. However, succeeded in hitting a boundary off his spell (6 overs). Lost my opening partner Gautam soon. Then came the in-form batsman Eswar, a very good friend of mine who also comes hails from Chennai, my hometown. We managed to get nearly 80 runs between us with Eswar scoring the most of it. He got out after reaching to his 50.

Then Dan booth came in and we put in many runs as possible. At the end of 22 overs our score was close to 100 with me unbeaten on 37. Then I started to score runs quickly. Just when I was about to reach 100 and retire, I got out to a leg spinner. Was out LBW for 94. Shame could not score a century. But, I was very happy because this innings taught me a lot. Stayed in most of the innings and learnt to play slowly and defend better unlike my previous games and century where I played with a sense of urgency. Patience was the key. This innings showed I can bat better.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rush says:

    not bad..u did pretty good…loved the pics


  2. Pritish says:

    @ Rush – thanks a lot. good to know you loved the pictures.


  3. Arjun says:

    Gethu Gethu…..


  4. madangi says:

    Really good …….scoring gud runs in a foreign land……………happy happy!


  5. Pritish says:

    @ Arjun – thanks a lot da


  6. Pritish says:

    @ Madangi – thanks a lot


  7. hari says:

    Can a substitite score 94 Runs????? Just Kiddin… Good job dude…


  8. Pritish says:

    @ hariram – thanks da. substitute? lol ur funny


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