Delicious Thin Crust Pizzas at Concassé The Little Pizzeria

Concassé The Little Pizzeria is a small and fairly new eatery in Kamanahalli, Bangalore (Bengaluru). Most of the customers who visit on a regular basis are the Arab students. They love the pizzas and burgers that are sold here. Many of them eat twice a day at this Pizzeria. 

Fencing Club in Bengaluru

Fencing is the art and science of sword fighting. It is the ability to deliver a sword hit in either a sport encounter or a duel against one’s opponent without being hit one’s self. It is a multi-layered activity that brings into play physics, psychology and philosophy. It requires development of technical proficiency, strategy and physical grace.

Tour of Allianz Arena Football Stadium

One of the top tourist attractions in Munich is the Allianz Arena, Bayern München’s Füßball Stadion, the second largest arena with a seating capacity of 75,000 which was opened in 2005.

Photo Walk | BMW Welt | Munich, Germany

One of the top tourist attractions in Munich is the BMW Welt. One can find the different BMW Cars and Bikes, Mini Coopers and Rolls Royces. The Museum gives plenty of information about the history of BMW, display of Vintage and Current Automobiles and more. One can find shops and restaurants inside the BMW Welt. There are guided tours too.

Tasty Russian Food In Chennai

A Russian Dinner at the Winter Palace inside the Russian Cultural Centre in R K Salai should never be missed. It is an open restaurant with fans and cozy ambiance. The food is delicious.

How I lost 16 Kgs in 16 weeks

My goals for 2017 was “improving fitness & health, losing weight and increasing endurance in a slow & steady pace. Losing 1Kg a week was the target. See how I did it.